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Common biscuit unqualified reason and the way to deal with

Release Date:[2012/8/25 11:03:36]    Total read [3441] Times

Recently, there are readers asked biscuit oil rancidity, sulfur dioxide overweight the quality problem such as causes and preventive measures. Therefore, our reporter interviewed the baking food technology experts JinDaHai senior engineer. JinDaHai engineers think, ensure the health and safety is biscuit enterprises to improve the competitiveness of the necessary measures, according to different quality problem, should take different measures.

Understand biscuits products common quality problems and preventive measures, to ensure the food safety and promote biscuit industry development, all has the positive significance.

A. Oil rancidity problem and preventive measures

Oil rancidity and ha defeated is biscuit production and sales in one of the most important problems, prevent oil rancidity and ha defeated is particularly important. Oil oxidation is lead to grease losing, one of the important reasons, oil oxidation contains many complex chemical reaction, precipitating factor has a lot of, for example, the production of the high temperature will accelerate fat oxidation. So, in the actual production, according to different reasons to take different measures to prevent.

1. Flour to the influence of oil rancid. According to Chinese baking food sugar products industry association member JinDaHai senior engineer introduces, wheat germ rich in unsaturated fatty acid, such as active substances, these substances easy to cause adipose hydrolysis, oxidation, so as to lead to loss of fatty acid. In the 1980 s, our country introduced wheat germ extraction technology, through the extraction of wheat germ, can prolong the shelf life of flour; But at the same time wheat germ of vitamin E put away, and thus reduce the biscuit in oil oxidation stability.

To prevent oil rancidity and ha defeated, can be in biscuit oil to add antioxidants, such as vitamin E. But in the application of antioxidants, to abide by the national standards in respect of food additives.

2. Flour conditioner to oil rancidity and, the influence of the loss. Whitener flour conditioner can also cause oil rancidity. Such as brightener benzoyl peroxide is a strong oxidizer, in heated to 100 ℃, and after decomposition and volatile; But if used in oily food, can quickly make oil oxidation, causing food oxidative rancidity.

To this, JinDaHai senior engineer thinks, modifying agent, special flour etc upstream product technical improvement must consider the influence of downstream products, and the adverse effects through the proper channels of bulletin. Technical personnel should consider modifying agent may be the impact of related products, forbid supplier in used in oily food used in flour brightener, and at the same time, nor will contain whitening agent flour mix in oily food.

3. Grease itself rancidity problem. Now, many cookies enterprise in oil acid &#118alue and peroxide &#118alue are very strict, suppliers in order to achieve enterprise requirement, through the caustic wash, and other means reducing fat acid &#118alue, cause fat oxidation resistance drop. In addition, winter oil temperature is low, the oil will be in the pipeline condensation, pipeline and cause dull production problems.

To prevent oil low temperature of pipeline and the problems, winter can biscuit oil proper heating and heat preservation; But cannot make oil long time in high temperature condition, otherwise it will cause fat oxidation rancid.

2. Foreign body interfuse problem and preventive measures

In the biscuit production and raw materials in the supply chain, the operation staff hair, plastic brush, packing materials and its sealing cord, needle etc foreign interfuse, might cause the quality accident.

JinDaHai engineers think, to eliminate the problem of mixed foreign body, must on the above each link to strengthen management, especially to especially pay attention to the risk of impurities mixed needle etc. Establish inspection, recipients, maintenance management system, and put in place, the key part to use magnet or metal detection equipment etc instruments.

Technical improvement is the best way to avoid foreign body interfuse, our country already have from wheat cleaning until the cookies packing, by continuous pipe, tank car, cylinder storage memory, conveying, biscuit baking composed of continuous production line, greatly reduces the into the possibility of foreign bodies.

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