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Baking food equipment maintenance

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As is known to all, the baked food industry by the production of products, with seasonal, seasonal characteristics. For example, for the Spring Festival production pastry, for the production of the Dragon Boat Festival dumplings, for the Mid-Autumn festival moon cakes production. Whenever the production after the season, the baked food manufacturers will deal with processing equipment maintenance in a timely manner, in order to have to use. Here, the author to baking processed food equipment maintenance carry some Suggestions for reference to colleagues.

A, recognize the characteristics of the baking food production

The baked food industry use processing equipment is more and more advanced, through the use of new and high technology, improve the production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, increase added &#118alue, guaranteeing food safety, keep the food nutrition and flavor characteristics. High and new technology is applied to the baked food processing equipment later, equipment performance greatly improve, and constantly introduce technology content higher, more humanized new equipment, new products. These equipment highly efficiency and the electromechanical integration technology and light, electricity, liquid, automation control technology, by continuous production equipment instead of batch production equipment, the specialized production equipment instead of generalization production equipment, the large-scale production equipment instead of the small and medium-sized production equipment, make the production line to realize continuous production, professional operation, automatic control, scale management, improve the production efficiency and economic benefits. In the baking food processing mode of production, more and more enterprises will be the focus of quality assurance from the traditional to the end product of inspection transfer to the machining process of the key control point for control, its purpose lies in: one is to reduce the processing process of error occurs, the food processing process or equipment to reduce human errors to a minimum; The second is to prevent the health condition, may cause pollution or quality degradation under the environment of the homework, avoid the batch production rejected product damage. Baking food processing equipment technical development is one of the mainstream, is to make the baking food processing technology to adapt to the requirements of the quality and safety control. Conform to the baking food quality safety requirements, from the equipment itself to start, so as to achieve food processing process and product safety.

Second, raising repair pay equal attention to, prevention, maintenance and preventive maintenance plan combination

Baking food processing equipment maintenance, to adhere to "keep fix pay equal attention to, prevention, maintenance and preventive maintenance plan combining" the policy. For example, stop that should be done after oil, cleaning, adjustment, fastening and corrosion daily maintenance work. For easy maintenance parts and key parts for inspection and maintenance. Thoroughly clean appearance, check wear, replace the wearing parts. Come on, lubrication, cleaning. Adjust parts fit clearance, adjust the braking force. Fastening parts parts. Check all kinds of safety device, wire line reliability. According to the processing equipment wear and the extent of the damage to the dynamic management. Important components, parts in time to disassemble, maintenance. To wear and damage repair or replacement part. The whole machine paint, spray printing equipment Numbers and to realize the standardization. Through the timely and effective maintenance, to ensure that the baked food processing equipment performance, the applicability of the system reliability, operation stability, man-machine safety, environment harmlessness, the rationality of the structure, technology economy and management standardization.

Third, the leader's strength, a clear division of work, responsibility implement

Do the baked food processing equipment maintenance work, must bring to enterprise leaders attach great importance, regardless of the human, material and financial resources, will this work as enterprise's a great thing, pay close attention to. Baking food processing equipment maintenance, is different from general processing equipment maintenance, because food processing equipment in addition to meet the general processing equipment safety requirements outside, and at the same time must guarantee the machining equipment itself to food quality and safety degree of assurance. Safety and health is better than the economic benefits. In processing equipment maintenance, safety and health maintenance is the key element, when the health and safety technical measures and economic benefit conflict, preferred safety and health requirements. No safety and health, could not bring the actual sense of economic benefit. So, safety and health should be the top priority of the maintenance. To hold the top priority, make feasible plan of equipment maintenance, and in strict accordance with the plan execution. In the whole process of processing equipment maintenance, do leaders attention, a clear division of work, responsibility implement.

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